Mary Robertson

Mary Robertson is a graduate of Carleton and McGill universities and taught Sociology and Painting at Champlain Regional College, St. Lawrence Campus in Quebec City. Since her retirement, Mary has focused primarily on her career as a visual artist. Mary was a partner in Howes Hall Gallery in Brackley Beach, PEI and has exhibited her work extensively in Montreal, Quebec City, and Prince Edward Island. Mary has also curated numerous art exhibitions including at the Watermark Theatre. Over the last forty years Mary has been a member of a multitude of non-profit, community committees and Boards of Governors. At present she is President of the Jeffery Hale-Saint Brigid’s Users’ Committee in Québec City among other volunteer commitments. Her focus has been and continues to be on social responsibility and good governance. Mary’s interest and knowledge of the theatre world has been broadened through her association with her daughter. Elizabeth Robertson, who is a graduate of the National Theatre School of Canada and her son-in-law, Henri Gauthier, who was President of the Canadian Actors Equity Association from 2003 to 2006. Mary has been a supporter of the Watermark Theatre since its founding and has been a Board member of the Theatre for the past three years.